Forget about different adapters and connectors, simply charge your devices wirelessly, while on the go.


Household Appliances

Liberate your house appliances from cables and chargers, and power them on the countertop or on the shelf. Wirelessly charge your entertainment devices, lights, kitchen appliances, toothbrushes ...


Sealed Electronics

Fully eliminate corrosion or atmosphere exposure risks, without worrying about protected power connections.


Expand usage possibilities for your portable or stationary instruments or measuring equipment.



Without sparks, power transfer is safe when operating in hazardous conditions such as mining industry, petrochemical and gas industry ...



Make any work with tools safer and more convenient by removing long cables and power extensions, no need to carry extra batteries.

Mobile devices

Options are endless; wirelessly charge your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, navigation devices, cameras, remote controls, watches ...



Safer for medical implants, practical for instruments and devices to reduce cables around patients



Enjoy same freedom and convenience on airports and in flights, as in your car, home or office.